BABIES of the WILD (Electronic Book)

BABIES of the WILD (Electronic Book)
What is an e Book?
It’s an electronic formatted book and comes to you digitally via a pdf, via an electronic downloaded
Can I buy it as a hard cover book?
No, this ebook is only electronic.
Can I share it, sending it to someone else?
No. The ebook is for personal use. If you think someone else can be interested please direct them to the website. Thanks for your support.
Why Babies of the Wild? I have always felt a particular warmth for baby animals. They are delicate, vulnerable, innocent and cheeky, funny, with their whole life ahead of them to enjoy, to learn, to live or to survive. But essentially they are the future. FUTURE is a word which is enormous, immense and full of dreams, wide horizons, colour and life. And when talking about animals, future is a very emotional word. It thrills me, scares me and fills me with hope all at the same time.

What are you going to find in Babies of the Wild?

Introduction · About me · Intentions  · Black blackground

 and much more: Tips, advice, making of, explanations, much more text and unpublished images.

My new book celebrates and opens a window into the lives of ‘The wild babies’.

All the pictures were taken in Africa:  South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Cabarceno (Cantabria, Spain).

ELECTRONIC BOOK · English and Spanish version


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