Marina Cano

Marina Cano is a Spanish wildlife photographer, with more than 25 years of photographic experience and international prestige, of which 20 have been dedicated to nature photography, where she has got extraordinary recognition in this field.

Marina is graduated in music and she has been named Doctor Honoris Causa in 2023 for her photographic work in conservation.

She has published four books: Cabárceno, Drama & Intimidad, Inspiración + Naturaleza, Babies of the Wild and Wild Soul. Her work has been in the cover of the prestigious National Geographic several times. In two occasions Marina has been awarded in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. She is also a European Canon Ambassador, Banana Republic Wildlife Ambassador, Global Skylum Ambassador, Think Tank and Cotton Carrier collaborator.

Her unique style together with a sensitive and intimate approach to wildlife make her work admired by almost 1 million followers on social media.

She leads Safaris in Africa, is a jury member of international competitions, and organizes tours and workshops around the world, especially her wildlife workshops in northern Spain.

Her exhibitions and seminars have been held in: South Korea (Seoul), Cuba (La Habana), Mexico (Mexico DF), Israel (Tel Aviv), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Gerona, Malaga, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cadiz, Santander, Valencia), USA (San Francisco), Turkey (Istanbul), Check Republic (Prague), France (Saint Malo), South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg), Norway (Oslo), Finland (Helsinki; Kuusamo, Kiitasaro), Portugal (Villa Real), Iceland (Reykjavik), UK (London, Birmingham), Argentina (Villa la Angostura), Colombia (Bogotá), Chile (Santiago).

In love with the African continent and committed to its conservation, Marina collaborates with associations as Vital Impacts, Remembering Wildlife, ForRangers, DSWT, Prints for Wildlife, which protect and preserve threatened species.

Marina Cano

Artist Statement

Photography plays a crucial role in conservation efforts by capturing the beauty of the natural world and the threats it faces.

Through an irresistible attraction for the aesthetic and a captivating encounter with the emotion, I take advantage from both to reach awareness about Nature conservation.

Working from remote wilderness areas my pictures travel through the aesthetic and the emotion to awake and encourage a viewer more and more conscious of preserve and protect the fragile world around us. If my images are beautiful it is because nature is.

Human and animal emotions shake and dilute showing a vulnerability that we couldn’t see in the classic documentary on wildlife photography.

Impressive animals and animals that impress that soften or shudder. Animals whose habitat wobble from our lifestyle, and which need to be visible so that we act and preserve the ecosystems of the planet that we all inhabit.

In love with the African continent and committed to its conservation, I collaborate with associations as Vital Impacts, WWF, Remembering Wildlife, ForRangers, DSWT, Prints for Wildlife, Saving the Survivors, etc. which protect and preserve threatened species.

Photography leads us to Love and Love to Conservation


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Marina Cano

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