Drama & Intimacy

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Published in December 2012

Square format 30x30cm.

 96 pages.

Hard cover.

Limited edition.

Written in English and Spanish.


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This book treasures a careful photography selection taken from the heart. Like photographs taken with the eyes closed, as I’ve chosen the picture for the bio. They are images captured in an exciting visual trip from inside.

I have the collaboration from three special persons: Mike Fisher, Héctor Garrido y Eduardo Punset on the preface they relate what from their eyes what binds me to Photography and to Earth.

I, in my side, have wanted to return a tiny part from what nature gives.and apologize for what a part of humanity snatches.I do it donating a 10% of the book sales to the cause: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, best known for the hand-rearing of orphaned elephant.When you buy this book, you also know that in some where in Africa, there is a baby elephant or rhino that can survive because of your help.

Inside the book you’ll find a carefully selection of my pictures from the last six years taken in South Africa, Kenya, England and Spain.


1 review for Drama & Intimacy

  1. Miet Claire

    I am really really passionated by your so beautiful work, your careful and ethic behavior , your way of creating and acting. And that you share it to Others too. Claire (from Paris).

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