Are you thinking in taking your photography to the next level? Do you want to improve or enlarge your photography skills? In my workshops you will get this and you will find inspiration. There are group workshops throughout the year, in different months.

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Saturday & Sunday from 9:30h till sunset.
Price includes personalized photographic workshop and tuition. Entrance to the Park and meals not included.

Prices are per person.

Park fee:

Daily high season 39€
Year card 65€

*Price until 30th of April. Afterwards price will be 345€


The closest airport is Santander, and there is connexion with Stansted in London (with Ryanair). There are also more more flights coming to Bilbao what is 1 hour away from Cabarceno, or the main city Santander.

Cabarceno wildlife park is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. 750 ha (1,900 acres)
There are more than a hundred species than live in semi freedom conditions: hippos, zebras, lions, elephants , gorillas, baboons, bears, boreal lynx, rhinos, birds of prey, giraffes, elands, ostriches, jaguars, tigers… and much more, its really huge. And also the environment where they are is spectacular. Located in a former iron mine, now converted in a unique  and mysterious karst landscape.
You’ll fall in love with this land. You can improve your skills and enrich your approach taking wildlife and nature photographs by having tuition with me. Cabarceno is a great choice if, for any reason, you cannot go to Africa. Inside the park we’ll move by car and we can get out in all the enclosures to take pictures.

Coordinates: +43° 24′ 32.54″, -3° 50′ 34.53″


We will learn how to create compelling photographs with few elements, neutral backgrounds, learning to choose the perfect moment.
We will develop creativity and practise a new way to approach photography
You can improve your skills and enrich your approach taking wildlife and nature photographs.
We will analyse our work to detect any mistake and improve the image in the moment and in the future.
We will also learn specific technique for photographing wildlife or birds in flight.
We will learn to create images full of emotions.
We will learn to select our best pictures, understanding which ones are the more impactful ones and why.
Choosing more than one day, we can work in Photoshop, to learn my working skills, how I work on the images, which tools I use and I how I performance to get powerful images full of emotions.
We will live an unforgettable experience and have fun while we learn.
We will live an unforgettable experience; meet fantastic other photographers and we will have fun while we learn.

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* Cancellation policy: the workshop payment will not be returned under any circumstances. In case of notifying more than one month in advance, the workshop may be held on another of the scheduled dates within a maximum year. In the case of notifying with less than one month in advance, there will be a 50% penalty and the other 50% will be the reservation for another workshop within a maximum year. In case of severe illness there will be no notice period.

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2-3-4 JUNE 2023

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