Get a review from your work, wherever you are based in the world, with the acclaimed wildlife photographer and Canon Ambassador Marina Cano.  

With passion, eye and technique you can go beyond in your work, in order to bring emotion, to surprise the viewer with the unexpected, to get breathtaking images, to express and to become a storyteller.


1.- Send your best 20 pictures that better represent your work

2.- Get an appointment with me for 1 hour session on live

3.- In the time we will spend, I will do a study of the main aspects in your body of work: style, coherence, expression, intention, character, emotion. I will do an exhaustive revision of every picture, I will analyze in every image, composition, light, originality, technique, aesthetic, explaining in detail what is working and why; I will also give you the keys and steps to improve and get more impactful images.

4.- We will allocate time for any photography questions you have

1 hour in exclusivity for your work


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Cantabria, España

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